The Longitude is "long" on benefits and features, including extra-long dovetail rail for perfect peep and sight housing adjustment, exclusive drive shaft system which allows easy reach and use of rear-dial adjustment, sight light and levels, and dual heads to accommodate ALL shooting situations. 

Longitude Bow Sight

SKU: *LT-1
Color: Black
  • • Extra-Long Dovetail Rail for Perfect Peep and Sight Housing Alignment

    • Exclusive Drive Shaft System Allows Easy Reach and Use of Rear-Dial Adjustment

    • Magnifier Allows Easy Yardage Reading

    • Comes Complete with Both Heads for All Shooting Situations

    • Quickly Change Heads wih Two Screws for Hunting or Target Needs

    • Ultra-Bright .019 Fiber Optic, Site Light and Levels Included