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Fletch WELD is a quick-bonding, water-resistant adhesive great for carbon and aluminum shafts. It's quick bond time (+/- 10 seconds), and 3200 psi strength make it great for vanes or feathers. 

Fletch WELD - Arrow Fletching Glue

  • • Bonds to Many Substrates

    • Carbon and Aluminum Shafts

    • .Water Resistant

    • 3200psi Strength

    • Works Great on Vanes or Feathers

    • Quick Bonding +/- 10 Seconds

    • Temp Rated -65F - +280F

    • Clam Packed

  • Our WELD Brand of Glues are time and temperature sensitive. For this exact reason, .30-06 Outdoors pledges the 100% Fresh Guarantee. We promise to only ship you adhesives that were made within the past 90 days. Since our WELDS and glues have a short shelf life (Less than one year in optimal conditions), buyers have 265+ days per bottle to build killer arrows!