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Seminole is the second-largest of the Native line of silent blinds. Fits 2-3 people | Height: 71.0" | Footprint 60.0" X 60.0" | Weight 16.0lbs. | 3 Slide Windows | Internal Pockets


  • • No Zippers or Velcro

    • Brush Holders

    • E-Z Pack System

    • Slide Window System

    • H.D. Stakedown System

  • All Native Ground Blinds and Chairs are covered by our "366 Day" Guarantee. That means that we will unconditionally cover any problem or fault that may occur with manufacturing or product quality or performance itself. ​If you encounter a problem with any of our Native line of products, contact us immediately and we will take care of it – and you – to your satisfaction!​

    Customer Support: 614-409-9300 or email us at