The Courage Coumpund Bow Package is a powerful Hunting Set. The Bow itself offers amazing features like aluminum cams, sealed cam bearings, gordon glass limb materials and BCY string material. This right-handed black model comes in a kit including 5-Pin Sight, LED Sight Light, Peep Sight, Wrist Sling, Full Containment Arrow Rest, and 5" Rubber Dampening Stabilizer.

Courage Compound Bow Package

  • • Right Hand Bow

    • 20# - 70# Adjustable

    • No Bow Press Needed For Adjustments

    • 30" Axle-to-Axle Length

    • Net Weight 3.8lbs.

    • IBO Speed 310FPS

    • Aluminum Cams

    • Sealed Cam Bearings

    • Gordon Glass Limb Material

    • BCY String Material

    • Package Includes: 5-Pin Fiber-Optic .019 Pin Sight | LED Sight Light | Peep Sight | Wrist Sling | Full-Containment Arrow Rest | 5" Rubber Dampening Stabilizer