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Nuclear Vane Juice is the latest in accessories to help you build killer arrows! The proprietary formula strips vane quills of all oils and impurities to help create an incredilbe bond between the vane and shaft. Apply directly to the quill with precision-point pen.


  • Individual (Qty 1): 0.25 lbs • L 8.00" • W 4.00" • H 1.125"
  • Case Pack (Qty 6): 3.0 lbs • L 9.00" • W 6.00"• H 6.00"

Nuclear Vane Juice

Color: Black
  • • Strips Vane Quills of All Oils and Impurities

    • Helps Create and Incredible BOnd Between Vane and Shaft

    • Factory-Style Fletching Made Easy

    • Applies Directly to Quill or Vane Before Gluing

    • 100% Fresh Guarantee

  • Our WELD Brand of Glues are time and temperature sensitive. For this exact reason, .30-06 Outdoors pledges the 100% Fresh Guarantee. We promise to only ship you adhesives that were made within the past 90 days. Since our WELDS and glues have a short shelf life (Less than one year in optimal conditions), buyers have 265+ days per bottle to build killer arrows!